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Our Wealth Management Philosophy

  1. We believe that a good, comprehensive wealth plan doesn't have to ensure outsized returns. A plan should, however, allow you to improve your credit, help reduce your tax burden, help protect your assets, take care of your heirs and strive to grow your wealth over time.
  2. We believe planning and perspective are the keys to success; not prognostication and prediction. We cannot control the markets, the economy or government policy. However, we can help you control your exposure to the market, how much you save and the decisions we make.
  3. We understand a client can go almost anywhere to get a Mutual Fund, ETF, Stock or a Bond. Therefore, we believe most clients are seeking a financial advisor, not because of their products, but because they are seeking someone to help them understand the big picture and ultimately simplify their lives.
  4. We believe in a team approach to managing wealth. We do not try to be all things to all people and feel that such an approach is detrimental to most clients. The sophisticated investing strategies often necessary for large portfolios demand time, experience and knowledge. We believe utilizing a team of competent professionals is the most effective method to provide clients with the attention required to be successful.