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Nathaniel Turner

Nathaniel Turner

Financial Advisor

Nate is a seasoned financial advisor. He is a graduate of Butler University (B.S. Accounting) and a master’s (History & Theology) and Juris Doctorate graduate (Law) of Valparaiso University. His prior financial industry work experience includes being an I.R.S. revenue agent, Staff Accountant with a CPA firm and an accountant with a fortune 500 company. Presently, Nate is an Investment Advisor Representative with Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPC, and an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.

Some advisors may focus narrowly on investments, partly because that's their primary area of interest. While investment management may be a necessary component of the puzzle for financial security, it may not be sufficient in and of itself. Nate has found that many clients are looking for a total lifestyle picture that includes financial independence as well as other aspects of their lives. Additionally, clients need tailor-made investment strategies, preferably through a "one-stop shop." Nate feels his role is to help clients who ordinarily manage their financial affairs by providing unbiased help when needed.

Comprehensive Inter-Disciplinary Approach

The ability or willingness to raise touchy issues with clients may not be familiar; however, often, an Advisor's job is providing a healthy dose of realism. Sometimes it seems financial advisors act as "counselor." Whatever role you (the client) choose, you can trust that Nate is always here to serve you.

Control What You Can

Nate's thought is that clients should focus on controlling the things they can. Since we can't do much about the stock market; instead, Nate feels we should focus on maintaining control on items such as our expenses and taxes. Additionally, we should focus on controlling our spending, how long we will work, how much we save, where we invest and much more. As an advisor, Nate focuses on staying abreast and current with changes and developments in the financial planning industry. He is up to date and educated on financial planning topics such as insurance, tax planning, investments, estate planning, and retirement planning.

Nate vigilantly researches cutting edge ways to enhance his clients' financial standing. For example, Nate advises teachers and school administrators on retirement planning, and he educates individuals and business owners of the economic benefits of wellness and operating energy efficient homes and business. Through his efforts, financial planning is used as a vehicle to impact the country's failing public schools, expanding health care dilemma, increasing poverty disparity and ever-changing ecosystem.

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